An Evening’s Cheer

Inspiration for how to cheer up those long dark winter evenings is something that everyone could do with. The trouble is that sometimes ideas for entertainment can prove to be pricey, so here are some suggestions for inexpensive or free ways to liven up your stay-at-home evenings during the week:

  • · Invite a few friends over for a meal and a fun make-over evening. The rules are that everyone brings a contribution towards the meal, along with their favourite make-up product of the moment. Cooking and eating together is always a great social activity, and the fun that can be had with trying out one another’s make-up, and experimenting with new hairstyles, makes for lots of hilarity and a memorable evening.
  • · Plan an evening in with online friends. Catch up with those friends that you haven’t spoken to for a while, share news and views, and plans for the future. To add some excitement, plan in a game of the best online bingo with 888 Ladies Bingo, where you can not only take part in lots of exciting bingo games as well as instant wins and scratch cards, but also share fun and laughter with the friendly community in the bingo chatrooms.
    Courtesy of Save The Children

    • · Go for a self-indulgent evening. Make sure that you have an evening to yourself, and then line up a plan to thoroughly pamper yourself. Order the DVD of your favourite movie from Love Film, buy a scrumptious chilled meal so that you don’t have to spend time cooking, and then relax into a deep warm bath with your favourite smellies. Curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine in your hand, watching Robert Pattinson in Twilight on your TV – what could be more enjoyable?

    · Look ahead to those long hot days of summer. Start drawing up plans for your holiday in the sun. Spend an evening browsing through online sites and looking at catalogues that you’ve gathered from a travel agency. All those pictures of blue skies, golden beaches, and luxurious hotel swimming pools can be a real tonic in the darkest days of winter. And booking early can scoop you some real bargains, so beginning to plan now can not only provide some great evenings dreaming of tropical beaches but can also save you money when you come to book your holiday